frischer wind revives systems

We help to ensure that all relevant people in a system network with each other and develop a joint strategy for the future.

We work with tried and tested and continually enhanced large group methods in varied development and change processes for organizations and institutions.

frischer wind is known for its process-oriented and pragmatic approach. Practical experience has shown that large group events only take effect if they are embedded in an overall process – and if this remains flexible. The process design is accordingly constantly monitored and adjusted.

«On a participatory basis» means that a clear distinction is drawn between preparing decisions and decision-making. As many people as possible are included within the use of set guidelines in order to critically review these guidelines and to prepare their implementation.
The decisions are in turn made in the committees and levels of hierarchy intended for this. In this way, top-management guidelines can be combined with the needs and ideas of the entire management team as well as the entire staff and this enables solutions which are supported by the entire organisation. Practical experience confirms the view that as a result both the commitment and sustainability of the targeted changes increase.