You will find contact information on international networks of large group methods, network partners of frischer wind, providers of creative interventions as well as a useful link for obtaining presentation material here.

Large Groups

International future search conference network

The Future Search Network is a network, set up by Marvin Weisbord, of consultants who want to use his future search conference model to benefit the public and non-profit sectors. In addition to other benefits, members receive the "FutureSearching" newsletter four times a year; it carries highly readable reports on experiences of using Future Search conferences and their adaptations. In addition, members can participate in an international internet discussion forum. Future Search Network is a programme run by Resources for Human Development Inc. in Philadelphia.

International information on RTSC

Sadly, Kathie Dannemiller, the inventor of RTSC, died in December 2003. Her company, Dannemiller Tyson Associates, continues to offer the best source of information on the origins of and developments in RTSC.

International Open Space Technology network

There is a wealth of international information available at

The webpage of Harrison Owen, the inventor of Open Space, is similarly informative

There is a demonstration of how Open Space can also be practised online at:

International information on World Café

The original sources can be found at The site also includes a good German summary as PDF.

Networking partner


Hanna and Hannes Hinnen are experienced in providing process support and mediation and are founder partners of frischer wind. Both have now retired on age grounds but will continue to provide support for organisations in change processes.


Peter Schmid sees himself as an initiator and a coach for value systems, corporate culture, management style, approach to communication, cooperation and presentation. He provides assistance and support for development processes in the area of communication, cooperation and conflict resolution for companies and institutions.


Iris Brünjes is co-founder of the organisational consultancy PURE - Prozesse und Ressourcenentwicklung (‘processes uniting resources evolution’). For around 15 years, she has been designing and conceptualising change in and with organisations. frischer wind has successfully supported a number of processes together with her.

all-in-one spirit

A range of additional sources on the various large group methods can be found at the website of Matthias zur Bonsen, Jutta I. Herzog and Myriam Mathys.

Netzwerk Gemeinsinn (Network for Community Spirit)

This network has set itself the objective of encouraging the promotion of science and research, along with education and training in the field of participative and democratic engagement.

Nordlicht Akademie (Northern Lights Academy)

The four partners of the Nordlicht Akademie are experts in large group work. As successful consultants, they founded the Nordlicht Akademie to expand their knowledge about these intervention methods in the North German region and to allow that knowledge to jointly feed into large-scale processes.

Armin Rohm

Armin Rohm is a process consultant, management developer and coach who has edited two excellent books on the subject of workshop interventions entitled "Change-Tools" and "Change-Tools II", published by managerSeminare Verlag.

Creative Interventions

WIR & JETZT Theatre

A company of professional actors, musicians, trainers and moderators. WIR & JETZT brings (interactive) theatre performance and playback theatre to events and processes of groups of all sizes.

Playback-Theatre Zurich

This is an experienced business theatre group which provides improvisations during conferences. Karin Gisler herself is also trained and has experience as a moderator, in all large group methods.

Electronic Voting

Michael Dürst and his company GroupConsulter AG specialise in electronic voting systems. He has the know-how, capacity and equipment to assist even really large groups through a development process.


Heinz Pfister is Pfuschi and draws Pfuschi cartoons. As a caricaturist and cartoonist, he accompanies development processes with his swift and incisive drawing.

Jonas Raeber founded SWAMP in 1991, and made his hobby – drawing comics and cartoons – into a career.


Dietmar Porcher is a trainer, moderator, musician and specialist for creative interventions. Within very little time he develops flashy slogans and messages to the point with small as well as large groups. Dietmar makes ideas flow and condenses workshop results to their core.


Samir Essahbi is a full-blooded musician, music teacher, composer and band leader. Performing alone or together with his crew, he provides perfect rhythmic interaction for events. His professionalism and his equipment, coupled with his experience in working with large and very large groups, mark him out.

Process photography

Markus Püttmann is a facilitator and photographer. Using photography he acts as a process photographer and facilitator for inspiring and emotional in depth dialogues in context of workshops and
 change processes.

Products for active learning


For 20 years the name of Neuland has been synonymous with active learning and active presentations. Neuland offers professional equipment for seminars, training sessions and visualizations.